Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Library Day

Vancouver Central Public Library is one of my favorite spots in Vancouver. I love how it is well designed, as it resembles the Colosseum. It has open spaces and desks that you can work at privately, and I think it's really cool. It was even used in some films like The Sixth Day as a research center (I'm not sure what I can call it) which was eventually blown up. If you pay enough attention, I'm sure you'll see this library on the screen.

In order to force me to study, it's quite effective to change my atmosphere and surroundings from my room where I can find a lot of temptations, including a TV and a comfortable couch. In that sense, it really works for me to be in the library since it gives me energy and somehow gravitates me toward full concentration. I also like the atmosphere of being surrounded by tons of piles of books and of the distinctive smell of old books.

I felt weird to get into study mode yet it was nice after having neglected self-improvement for quite a long time. So, thank you Vancouver library! I think I'll take a long bath with my favorite candle and reward myself tonight.

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