Friday, August 16, 2013

Contemplation Thursday: Looking Back on the Day

Today was my day off from work and I didn't have any plans, so I was lying on the couch watching Youtube videos the whole day. I like having no plans and doing whatever I feel like on that day, but it does suck when I just end up doing nothing. Looking back on the day, I ask myself "How did I spend my day today?"

This question leads me to another one: "How have I been spending the two whole years since I came to Canada?" The first year and half was totally hectic for me as I committed myself to getting my grade 12 equivalent. For some reason, I got the chance to get into an advanced English class and decided to take that opportunity on a whim, but that class (which is a one-year-program) was hell, like having tons of homework every day, and constant presentations... it was totally beyond my capacity. My mind was occupied with doing school stuff every single day, like going to the library every weekend and spending the whole day there.

Now that I've finished school, I realized that I've been slacking off "studying" and "trying" hard for the past six months... not that I don't have any future goals or anything which I do actually, but I need to feel like "I'm indeed doing something for my future goal," and I have to see myself making progress.

After a few hours of self-reflection, I decided to take the TOEFL exam! I'm pretty sure that studying for TOEFL will add a little bit of spice to my life and I won't feel like I am wasting my time anymore. Hopefully, I will take the exam in December. I haven't set my goal score yet, but I will soon.

I think I just wrote on and on about things that were on my mind today, which I really didn't want to happen, but I just couldn't avoid it. It's a "Contemplation Thursday," so I think it's okay.

My favorite chamomile tea and a coffee candle for writing my post

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