Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chillin Out Day

Today was another gloomy muggy day, so I decided to stay away from the humidity and read the whole day at home (until going to work). I don't usually buy a fashion magazine every month, but once in a while, I do, and in fact, I bought the issue of Glamour-Hollywood this month.

I love reading a "how to..." article in a magazine, like "How to read a man-text" because most of the time, it is fun. Even if the article itself doesn't apply for myself, I can enjoy experiencing through a sort of a different world.

I also like just browsing pictures of clothes, shoes, and bags.... Those give me some inspirations although there's no way for me to afford them because of the fact that they are ridiculously expensive.

Anyway, today was okay, but "Okay day" is better than having a bad day. I hope the sun will come out and give me some energy tomorrow.

Good night world! 

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