Thursday, August 8, 2013

Parcel from Japan

My mom and sister sent us goodies from Japan. They occasionally send us some food, clothes, or even stationary too. I always love the anticipation of getting a box from family. I mean, since my mom and sister can never keep a secret from me (I think they just CANNOT help telling me that they will send me something beforehand). I always know I will get something from them. Anyway, this time, my husband and I got some clothes (they are all for the Fall), food, and some random things. I'm literally excited about all of them!! Especially with stripy tops and mint colored shorts.

Also, there are some "rice seasonings" which you can mix with rice and make some rice balls (there are different flavors, like salmon and umeboshi (pickled plum)). On the left of the bottom picture, there is a small green frying pan, which is specifically for making Japanese egg rolls, and I'd been wanting this for so long. My sister was kind enough to remember that and she just sneaked this cutie in the box as well. 

I'm looking forward to getting the next parcel the they probably will send me in a few months.

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