Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Life Savers for a Cold

My husband has been sick for the past five days and I guess I myself got a cold as well. I woke up with a severe sore throat as I knew would happen soon or later, as when my husband gets a cold, 95% of the time I follow him and catch a cold-this is our typical style. Yet, other than drugstore medicine, I have a few primary life savers to help relieve my sore throat. 

1. Fisherman's Friend

This is just  a cough drop, but this stuff is awesome! It does work for my sore throat although it does not heal my cold. They come up with tons of different flavors including mint, lemon, and cherry. We picked up "mint", "sugar free citrus", and "extra strong" flavor. My favorite of all time is mint which clears up my swollen throat.

2. Thick syrup

This is my all time favorite. I've used this for my entire life so far whenever I get a sore throat. This is a thick disinfecting type of syrup for a throat, so basically you just spray this thing directly into your throat. It's super easy to use because of the long nozzle (you can't miss the right spot). After putting this syrup to your throat, you can definitely feel tingling which I am obsessed with, yet some people dislike this feeling and texture. Anyway, despite the fact that this syrup is not meant to be a potential throat-cure medicine, it helps you feel better.

3. Domino's pizza

I'm kidding, but tonight, we decided to treat our poor sick selves by ordering a large BBQ chicken pizza. Actually we are not pizza lovers (especially my husband), but sometimes we have a crazy craving for it and the time was tonight. We literally dug into the pizza. I thought the BBQ sauce was a bit too much, but overall, I was happy with this one.

By the way, I have one thing that makes me wonder, that is, whenever my husband catches a cold, he still takes a shower. I mean, I, as a Japanese, do not take a bath or shower because I was told from my mom when I was a kid as "taking a shower when you have a cold makes the thing worse." I don't know this is a cultural thing, but my husband told me taking a shower clears up your cold and refreshes you.

Anyway, time for a bed! Good night world!!

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