Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Three Reasons Why I Love Star Trek

Today, I will confess that I've been into the original Star Trek series for quite a few months. I've watched up to the fifth episode into the second season. This is completely from my husband's influence, and I wasn't interested at first, but I ended up being absorbed into the show. Here's the three main reasons why I am hooked.

1. Engaging characters
All the characters in Star Trek are unique and their individuality is quite awesome. I like the mix of nationalities as well. For instance, Spock-the first officer-has no emotions because he is half human and half Vulcan (I think the sound Vulcan is so cool). Since he doesn't understand what emotion is like, other characters tease Spock in the show. By the way, I actually have a Spock T-shirt that says "The many expressions of Spock" with a bunch of pictures of his face which are all exactly the same. Also he has special abilities to read animals' emotions and he can knock people out by just touching their necks. Of course I have to mention Captain James T Kirk. His wooden delivery of lines (specifically when he gets mad or emotional) is amusing, I mean it's funny. The fact that he always falls in love with a beautiful good-looking woman (and almost every woman gets a sort of blurry effect to look more luscious) is also the classic scene of this show.

So far, my favorite character is "Scotty" because he is SO loyal to the captain, especially when it comes to an emergency situation. I don't know why, but I love the way he talks as well.

2. Fighting scenes
This might be the primary reason for me to always go back to this show. I can describe that all the fighting scenes are hilarious!! The characters usually use phasers which is like a laser gun, but when they punch and kick, it is so funny. I feel like I'm watching a slow moving scene or something as they move soooo slow. Almost all of the time, I even think I'm watching a comedy show. It is worth watching. Especially episode 18 from the first season ("Arena") is the BEST.

3. Lots of quotable lines
"Beam me up Scotty," "I'm a doctor not a ...," "Live long and prosper," etc... These are frequently-used-phrases in the show. Every episode is different and unique, but there are always the usual phrases that everyone knows if you a fan. The more you watch the show, the more you get affection toward it.

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