Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Sweet Tooth and Vegetables

As I decided last night, I decorated the sponge cake with some fruits which I bought at the farmers' market. I only had peaches, apples and blueberries... I really wish I had some more fruits, like strawberries so that I could add more color to my cake, but well, I think it still looks good. I like putting apple slices with other fruits because they are a great addition to effortlessly make my cake a bit fancier.

Since I am a sucker for sweets and cannot get away from them, I cooked today's supper with healthier ingredients in a healthier way. Again, the veges I used today were all from the farmers' market. They are so fresh that I don't need to put any dressing on them (I can enjoy the natural flavor). But I was sure those veges were not able to fill up our stomachs (especially my husband's), so I added some chicken breasts and mushrooms cooked with balsamic vinegar and a bit of soy sauce. We pretty much got full after eating the whole plate and of course a piece of cake as well.

Everything home-made is great because you can manage the amount of seasonings or anything and you KNOW what you are actually eating. Sometimes (or constantly), I cannot beat my laziness, but there is nothing better than cooking by myself in terms of "how I choose healthy options."

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