Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flaminkie Report: Rimmel Apocalips


I got Rimmel Apocalips on a whim. I've seen so many beauty gurus raving about this on Youtube, so when I found this lipstick at my local Shoppers Drug Mart, I was like... "There is no way I am not getting my hands on this product!!" Besides, this was on sale and it was only $6.99... So, why not right?

Apparently, Apocalips is called "Show Off" in the States. It's such a shame, because Apocalips sounds so much better and it's called the same way in the UK.

So, I got the shade "Aurora," because I've never seen someone talking about this particular color. Also, the color I wanted was sold out...(I might go back to the store and get it sometime soon though!)

I would describe this color as bright neon pink, which I normally don't go for, yet it was appealing to me for some reason. However, I realized that this is a bit of an intimidating shade (to me), so I lightly wiped it off after applying it to my lips so that the color fades. After doing this, it looked fine. Anyway, it's well pigmented, opaque, not super moisturizing, yet not drying your lips out. In my opinion, this is quite a long lasting lipstick as well. It's lip lacquer- literally it's like putting paint on your lips (you definitely need a mirror to apply this or you will look like a clown).

Overall, I am not a huge fan of this product in the end.. maybe because of its color? I might like a different shade? I don't know.

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