Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Wish List vol.2

Random Wish List vol.2

Well, today was a usual boring day as I just stayed home, cleaned and watched YouTube videos despite having a day off. I wanted to do something like reading or possibly going to the library, but I've been suffering from a continuous headache caused by empyema after having recovered from the actual cold. So, that turned me off to do anything such as going outside.

For me, making a wish list is probably one of the best ways to make my sick day less horrible and unhappy. I have a long makeup wish list, but I think the stuff I put into my "Random Wish List vol.2" is my most-wanted "high-end" products. Especially, I am so interested in the Marc Jacobs little eye shadow set. In fact, I even checked the product at a local Sephora and I fell in love with the beautiful packaging. I've heard it's highly pigmented and long-lasting as well. Anyway, I cannot buy all of the stuff from my wish list at the same time (they are pretty expensive to me), but I don't mind the process of saving up for my future-loving beauty products.

Making a wish list is something that I never be able to stop, because it satisfies my desire toward shopping (at least temporarily) and I can also organize my thoughts.

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