Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Outfit & Brunch

I slept in on purpose today even after being woken up by thunder in the early morning. It's no doubt that everyone loves the feeling of "happening to wake up in the morning but still being able to go back to bed" until your body is fully satisfied. I usually like sleeping in and I do it all the time on weekends, yet today was not the right day as I felt waaaaay tired after sleeping in over 10 hours. I know the fact that a long-hour-sleep makes you more tired than a less-hour-sleep. I felt like doing nothing but going back to bed again.

But I didn't want spend a whole sunny Sunday in my bed (yes, it turned out to be a super sunny day), so I went to grab some food to my favorite brunch restaurant with my favorite white top and Juicy Couture clutch bag (and of course my husband). I got Eggs Benedict which I always do when I go to brunch and a small chocolate milk (my husband got a fluffy omelet with some toast).

We were kind of not-quite-awake at the moment, but this brunch made us a bit energized. I *probably* will not sleep in next weekend because I'd rather enjoy the sunshine and the summer! But... we'll see how it goes...

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