Monday, August 12, 2013

A Little Excursion

Today, I did an excursion to a farmers' market to pick up some local fresh vegetables and fruits. I would like to address that I am a big fan of any kinds of market places, like.... I could even spend hours just looking around (well, it depends how big the market is, but yes), especially a farmers' market... I love those vibrant colored veges and fruits that are nicely but messily organized in huge buckets and tables.

Also, one of the most exciting parts of visiting a farmers' market is that you get to see "interesting" colored or shaped veges that you have no idea how to cook. I'm not brave enough to buy any of them as of yet, but someday when my cooking skills improve, I will try.

Today's little trip to the farmers' market made me think that I should stop munching on chocolate and eat more fruits and veges instead, as a snack! Once someone said that "what you eat makes your body," and it's correct. I should totally add "Eat healthy" to "my little list of resolutions." In order to achieve that, I need to dedicate myself to polishing my cooking skills first... I have a long way to go I guess.

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