Saturday, August 10, 2013

Movie Night

Feeling like chilling out for our Friday but in a more certain way,  my husband and I decided to go see a movie. Since my husband got home a bit late for the one we were supposed to watch, we picked the latest showing instead and went for a walk around Coal Harbor.

It was a perfect evening. I pretty much enjoyed taking pictures at Coal Harbor. I felt like time passed really slowly by seeing the sunset reflecting on the ocean and people relaxing on benches. I don't know, it was absolutely ordinary, but somehow made me calm and revived.

The movie we watched was "Pacific Rim." I'm not going to talk about the movie on and on, but it was a cool, exciting, and breathtaking (at least to me) movie. I think it's worth watching, especially in the theater, because of its more powerful impact with striking pictures and sounds.

Anyway, we had a great evening! I think I should enjoy the summer more before Vancouver becomes dark grey, and raining...

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